Shipping & Returns

Worldwide Delivery in 4 to 6 business days with FedEx for the price of Regular Post

An extraordinary product means nothing if it is not followed by an exquisite shopping experience and making sure you will get your order safely and quickly is part of the way we do business here at SVØRN.

We didn’t want to cut corners when it comes to the delivery of your order that’s why we’ve decided to absorb a significant amount of the shipping costs in order to offer you a quick and reliable delivery at the lowest possible price by shipping with FedEx at the same cost that other brands offer regular Postal Service.


Free Shipping on orders over $75

By adding just one more item - no matter which product - to your cart you receive free expedited shipping with FedEx.



U.S.A. $9.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)​
EUROPE, TURKEY $9.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
CANADA $10.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND $12.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
EAST ASIA $10.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
SOUTH EAST ASIA $10.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
SOUTH ASIA $14.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
MIDDLE EAST $14.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
MEXICO $11.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
SOUTH AMERICA, THE CARIBBEAN $11.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
NORTH AFRICA $14.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)
SOUTH AFRICA $11.99 / 4-6 Business Days (tracked)

- Sadly, we do not ship to Russia and the rest of Africa at the moment.

- Free shipping on orders over $75.



We provide an easy, hassle-free return of your purchase within 30 days of receiving the order for a refund or replacement.
For full details of our Returns Policy visit our FAQ page for more info and feel free to contact us at with any questions you might have.