"Just because we use something every day, doesn’t mean it should look everyday."

It took just 12 words to design a company, a purpose that has been shaped and chiseled by all the tedious and uninspiring designs that surround us daily.

As a design house, our goal is crystal clear: We want to transform the mundane objects that you use in your daily life into lifestyle necessities, enriching your life instead of cluttering it.


An ideal of form and use

Unlike most industrial designers' field, our core field is the art of sculpting, so we approach design in quite a different and unique way, shaping our intent into a pursuit to find the most balanced, perfect form for an object.

Our obsession for proportions, shapes, and forms goes hand in hand with our perception of what a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic should look like. We tend to favor the color black, which, by definition, is not a color but a void of it, serving as a completely neutral basis and becoming an ideal platform for sculptural shaping. Black - or shades of it - allows a SVØRN object’s shape to be the element that makes all the visual impact instead of relying on loud, bright colors.

Another component that can be found in some of the SVØRN objects is archetypal or "tribal" elements and shapes (like an eye or a fang) that have been "hardwired" in the brain over the course of human evolution. From form and function to the name of an object, archetypes tend to influence the way our design communicates with you, substituting on-the-nose language (like taglines printed on t-shirts and bags) with archetypal shapes that strike a chord in the human unconscious.

You and SVØRN

An extraordinary product means nothing if it is not followed by an exquisite customer experience.

We view your entire interaction with SVØRN by putting ourselves in your shoes. What do we, personally,value as customers? What are the values we appreciate in a brand?

Being attentive, keeping our promises, sacrificing profit margins for a better shopping experience and paying attention to even the smallest detail when it comes to serving you are some of the elements that shape SVØRN while the undeniable fact that you, our customer, is the one that is giving us a reason to create will continue to act as our compass.

Welcome to SVØRN. Where ordinary becomes extraordinary.