• "This is the world's most beautiful carabiner"

    "It didn’t need to be encrusted with diamonds or made of precious metals to be the most handsome, pretty, elegant and sexy carabiner the world has ever seen.

    Brilliant design and art took care of that utilizing a wonderful zinc alloy in a mesmerizing chrome noir finish. Making the Arcus reasonably and affordably priced."

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  • "Available in chrome noir and arctic gold finishes, SVØRN’s carabiners show true craftsmanship and attention to detail in the most sublime manner possible. The EDC will instantly elevate your style in a discrete yet edgy manner.

    Luxe Digital
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  • "Your Keys Will Love You"

    "They focus on the art of sculpted design unlike many of the other industrial designers on the market; pairing sophistication with balanced proportions and shapes.

    Crafted from zinc alloy, this piece is sized just right and slides into your pocket no problem. 

    Who would think a carabiner could be so sexy?"

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  • "Rise Of The EDC Carabiner"

    "It ships in a gift box if you’re looking for a shiny, one-of-a-kind present for your EDC-loving family member or friend. The 3-inch-tall carabiner weighs about 1.4 ounces. It will hold keys, knives, water bottles, and anything you want to strap on a backpack."

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  • "The most bad ass key chain we've seen in a while"

    "Do you have an impossible dude to shop for this holiday season? Try this. We've found a piece that just about any guy will like and it's the most bad ass key chain we've seen in a while."

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  • "Needed something as beautiful and exquisitely crafted as this car to hold these keys. The Arcus Carabiner does the trick."

    The Stylish Man
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